Breaking Dawn: Part I (2011) Review

The beginning of the end for the Twilight Saga see’s the first part to Breaking Dawn released at the cinema. This one is a strange one for myself as I stopped reading the book halfway through . . .

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Eclipse (2010) Review

Well a few hours ago I attended my first ever midnight screening of a film and it has to be said it was a very random and interesting experience. Mainly because of how many people were at the cinema for a few different screenings of the third part of the Twilight Saga, this being Eclipse. My cinema very rarely has films starting later than 9.30pm but this could be the start of more later screenings in my opinion because of the sheer volume of people in the cinema last night. Then coming out at 2am, any way onto the film. I had read the book quite a while back and probably liked it the best out of the series. Team Jacob for me.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Review

The second instalment of what is now known as “The Twilight Saga” opened yesterday across the world in cinemas, and with my local cinema having 4 shows sold out at 11am, for the night-time showings this really is going to have some opening weekend taking across the UK. Reading mid-week that it has broken the records for most pre-ordered tickets for a movie.


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New Moon (2009) Pictures Take 2

I posted 4 “New Moon” pictures when they were released months ago now and have totally neglected to since post more . . . but reading “New Moon” (and almost being finished it) while also seeing loads of posters at the cinema yesterday has inspired me to post more in the build up to the release next week. Which I am so excited for now I totally got back into the book!

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News: Twilight Stars Gets Musical

I just love hearing things about the Twilight cast 🙂

Twilight star Peter Facinelli loves working on the vampire franchise – because the musical cast regularly get together for sing-a-long sessions.

The 35-year-old, who plays Robert Pattinson’s dad in the original film and in upcoming sequel New Moon, is a big fan of his onscreen son’s musical talents and admits the British star often picks up his guitar and plays for the other actors.

Facinelli tells the New York Daily News, “I love to hear Rob sing. He’s got an insanely good voice. Sometimes we all get together and he gets on the guitar and starts playing and singing. He writes his own material.”

And Pattinson, who recorded two songs for the Twilight soundtrack, isn’t the only one who has been keeping the cast entertained – his co-star Kristen Stewart has been learning music for her upcoming role as rocker Joan Jett.

Facinelli adds, “Kristen has taken up the guitar for the movie she’s doing. Everyone’s been carrying a guitar around.”