Oscars 2019 – Kevin Hart to Host


Here we go for the 2019 Oscars with Kevin Hart being announced as the host for the show. This is the first thing towards the build up to the ceremony and it will be time to start watching the other awards nominations to get an idea of which films will be up for the amazing Academy Awards!

Oscars 2012- Host: Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy has been announced as the host for the 2012 Oscar ceremony. Having a total change back to a comedian hosting the night. After the unsuccessful turn of younger actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway – at least something different was tried last year, but I think the comedy value of a host really does make a massive difference. I loved Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin in 2010.

So I am quite pleased with this as I am sure Eddie Murphy will do a very good job and be very funny in the process. After all he is a pro at stand-up and should be more than at home on the Oscar stage.

Oscars 2010 – No Hugh

Has been widely reported today that Hugh Jackman will not be hosting the Oscar’s for a second year in a row. Which I think is a shame as he was very entertaining this year as host. He has not ruled it out for the future but not next year. He does have a lot on at the moment starring on Broadway and some movies in the pipeline.

No one else has really been linked with the role of host, but still early days yet.

Who would you like to see as host?