Borderlines Film Festival 2021

Not really sure how I missed anything surrounding this film festival which started last night! The Father is available and considering how much I have been dying to watch that film I will be doing just that! Felt like it was only right to share more information about this online film festival.

Full Brochure HERE

BFI London Film Festival 2020

Is anyone else truly excited that this year the London Film Festival is going to more cinemas around the UK and also premieres happening online?

I certainly am, I have been lucky enough to get to a couple of films over the years while in London during October. But being based in the north east does make this very difficult given the hotel prices around the time of the festival also going up.

I really do hope that this new format will ensure more people can actually watch the films and I guess I have to also hope that cinemas in the north east will not be missed out (we often are for things like concerts etc up here).

Two weeks to wait as the line up is being announced online on Tuesday 8th September!

Pottermore is online!

J.K. Rowling’s announcement on what Pottermore is has just been made available for the first time after the owls began gathering. It is going to be a unique online experience reading the books, and finding out more information about the Harry Potter world.

The books will also be made available as E-Book’s for the first time!

This is all going to start in October but some fans will be able to get involved in July to help start creating the online world.

Watch the video here

Submit your email address on the site here to stay up to date with emails about when registration is open!

I have no idea what I was expected from this announcement but this is one way that the Harry Potter world is well and truly going to be kept alive!