Star on Disney+

Launch date: 23rd February 2021

That’s right Star is coming to Disney+ here in the UK and that means so much more content, that will be updated with more content as time goes on. This is an amazing addition to the service and it will probably be worth checking out the TV Shows as some will be removed from other services.

Check out the FULL LIST . . .

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Cinema First – The 450 Films For UK Cinemas!

Today Cinema First released a list of films that can be used at cinemas when they reopen in July. With Cineworld being the first to announce a date for England on 10th July they will then need films to show. The list has a very wide variety of genres as well as from all decades. I personally hope to see a lot of older films on the big screen for the first time, I don’t want recent ones given a release! Let’s appreciate some amazing films on the big screen for what could well be the very first time (Yes Casablanca and Some Like It Hot I am talking about you, not forgetting my all time favourite When Harry Met Sally!)


Here are the 450 films that could be shown in July at a cinema near you!

120 BPM

1917 *also available in IMAX and 4DX

2 Fast 2 Furious

20 Feet from Stardom

2001: A Space Odyssey *also available in IMAX

28 Days Later

42nd Street The Musical *Event Cinema

52 Tuesdays

9 to 5

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Top 10 – Worst Films of 2009

Following on from my top 10 best films of 2009 . . . I decided to list the 10 films I found to be the worst of 2009. I am pretty sure people will agree with a lot of the films on the list. But definitely have one film which will probably surprise everyone as well.

What were your worst films of 2009?

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Cary Grant Week – Sky Movies

I was very excited and happy when I first saw the new Sky Movies magazine when I came across a Cary Grant week which was going to take place in October. Well that week is almost upon us and I will have Sky+ working hard with recording all of the Cary Grant movies which will be shown. While I adore Cary Grant I have only seen him in two movies, so really need to catch up.

Schedule for next week:

Mon 19th  Notorious
Tue 20th  To Catch A Thief
Wed 21st  Indiscreet
Thu 22nd  Houseboat
Fri 23rd  Operation Petticoat
Sat 24th Charade
Sun 25th Father Goose

I was quite shocked to see that one of my favorite films is not in the list “An Affair to Remember”. But any way I am very excited to watch all of these movies, so next week is going to be Cary Grant reviews week as well.