Twist (2021) Review

A modern update on the story of Oliver Twist. We follow Oliver as he free runs his way around the roof tops of London and meets Dodge one day when running from the police and it’s not long until he meets Fagin.


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Songbird (2018) Review


Joanne was part of a very successful 90s rock band and had been living off that for many years, when on a tour in the UK the rest of the band tell her it is over. She then drunkenly enrols at a University in an attempt to validate her life.

* Alright Now – Alternate title*


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BAFTA Rising Star Award: A History

2020 is the 15th anniversary of the BAFTA having the Rising Star Award which is voted for by the public. Starting in 2006 known as the Orange Rising Star Award and then since 2013 the EE Rising Star Award, this is due to sponsorship and pretty much helps the award with publicity and getting the public involved in the voting for the winner. 

Over the years as I have become more and more obsessed with films I know more about the nominees which in all honesty makes me feel very special and at times very geeky. Which I personally love and am very proud of, I felt coming up to the 15th year it was very important to take a look back at not only the winners from each year but the other nominees as well. The list is very impressive and it feels as though someone at BAFTA can certainly pick out rising stars in the best possible way, the nominees are chosen regardless of gender, nationality and whether they have made a breakthrough in television, film or both.

Read More » (2010) Review . . . set mainly in London (with a trip to New York included) is based on four friends who all have a very strange and action packed weekend. Which all begins from when they leave each other on a Friday afternoon. But this film wasn’t like any other film which kept jumping backwards and forwards to see what each friend was doing, know we had each girl’s full weekend then went back to when they left each other.

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