The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

When it was announced that the Spider-Man franchise was going to be getting a reboot everyone was very curious to who would talk over as Peter Parker from Tobey Maguire. That man is Andrew Garfield who has been becoming more well known over the past few years. Although I was quite surprised that I have seen most of his films to date! After watching him in ‘Never Let Me Go’ yesterday I decided to check what else he had been in and to my surprise I have seen most of his films (with ‘The Social Network’ on it’s way via LOVEFiLM).

I have found his performances very impressive and looking forward to watching ‘The Social Network’. I was never a fan of the previous Spider-Man films as find Tobey Maguire very frustrating to watch. He never seems to have any personality. I am hoping that Garfield can bring a new edge to Spider-Man and actually make me enjoy the films. He seems to be a fantastic talent so taking on a superhero role should really make him more well known (if that hasn’t happened already).

The first picture of Garfield as Spider-Man has been out for a couple of weeks now and it looks dark, and he looks very different. Which is not a bad thing at all, can only be a good thing. So we will see him as Peter Parker and Spider-Man and not Andrew Garfield from his previous films. We still have well over a year to wait to see him in action in the film. But I am sure we will have plenty of trailer and pictures to build it all up even more.

Who’s looking forward to this rebooting then?

Never Let Me Go (2010) Review

As children Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are all at the same school. What appears to be a normal boarding school, Hailsham. But it is far from normal and all of the children who attend the school are far from normal. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.

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British Independent Film Awards 2010

The awards season has started to kick off the past week or so, with nominations being announced for different awards ceremonies. Well the British Independent Film awards took place last night and the big winner does not come as much of a surprise after all the publicity and hype it has received so far. The King’s Speech picked up the main awards with all three in the acting category. For the lead female Carey Mulligan picked up the award for the second year running after her star turn in An Education last year, this year has seen her pick the award up for Never Let Me Go.

I am really looking forward to seeing both The King’s Speech and Never Let Me Go as both really do look like good films, with fantastic performances. The winning of these awards really must just back that up. Looks like we will be in for some good films coming out in the New Year. Got to love the awards season!

Rest of the awards . . .

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Never Let Me Go (2010) Trailer & Poster

The first poster has just been released for Never Let Me Go. With Carey Mulligan heading the film this has got me excited to see how she does after the success she had in “An Education” which I really loved. From the trailer it does look interesting. However, at the moment no UK release date has been announced and the only date I could find was for a limited release in the US in September. I guess I will have to keep an eye out for release dates.