The Invention of Lying (2009) Review

In a world where no one has ever lied before Mark Bellison one day discovers that it works in his favour and continues to tell lies for his own personal gain, although it quickly gets out of hand.


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Standing Up, Falling Down (2019) Review


Scott had been living in LA and struggling as a stand-up comedian, so much so he is forced to move back home. On his return the very unlikely friendship with Marty a very charming yet flawed alcoholic dermatologist things might just improve.


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Ghostbusters (2016) Review


Strange things start happening in Manhattan with ghosts and this leads paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan to do something about it! Even when they are accused of being fake and that it’s all a hoax.


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