New Moon (2009) Pictures Take 2

I posted 4 “New Moon” pictures when they were released months ago now and have totally neglected to since post more . . . but reading “New Moon” (and almost being finished it) while also seeing loads of posters at the cinema yesterday has inspired me to post more in the build up to the release next week. Which I am so excited for now I totally got back into the book!

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Julie & Julia (2009) Pictures

I just adore Meryl Streep so therefore just love watching her in all of her different roles. So I cannot wait to see Julie & Julia as it looks like its going to be very good. Another great performance from Meryl looks on the cards, I am also very much looking forward to seeing her on screen again with Stanley Tucci, as they had some good scenes together in “The Devil Wears Prada”.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) Stills

To celebrate the release of “The Time Traveler’s Wife today I thought I would post 3 stills from the movie that I have come across (and hopefully a review will follow very soon, as looking forward to this film). I have to admit the more and more I see Eric Bana the more I rate him as an actor.