Adam Lambert – Time For Miracles – 2012

I have totally been in love with this song since hearing it for the first time a couple of weeks ago now. I thought Adam Lambert should have won American Idol, he really does have a fantastic voice. Now doing a song for movie “2012”, Time For Miracles, with clips from the movie in the video. I just love this song and think its brilliant. I am thinking maybe sometimes it is best not to win American Idol? This from a runner up, is fantastic. If only the X-Factor had talent like this eh?

The Wrestler (2008) Movie Music Video

The music video for “The Wrestler” both movie and song of the same name. Appeared on youtube the other day, a friend sent me the link to it and it only had a couple of hundred views. But today when I have just clicked on the link it has over 28,000 views at the moment. This was over the past couple of days. For those who haven’t seen the fantastic music video with Bruce Springsteen in the ring: