Due Date (2010) Review


Peter Highman is getting ready to fly back home to Los Angeles from his business trip in Atlanta for the birth of his first child with wife Sarah. When he unfortunately meets Ethan Tremblay an aspiring actor he his blacklisted from flying when their bags get swapped and most face a truly awful cross country trip with him to get home.

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Unfaithful (2002) Review

A New York suburban couple Connie (Diane Lane) and Ed’s (Richard Gere) marriage goes astray as Connie has an adulterous fling, with Paul (Olivier Martinez). Risking her marriage and pretty much her lifestyle, for an affair which contains sex like she never had in her marriage. She was bored and ended up spending quite a lot of time with Paul during the day while her husband was at work and their son was at school. I will not reveal what happens at the end as I think the twists it takes are very good. I do like when she has a flashback to the day she met Paul and thinks about the way it should have gone, which I think just helps to show that every decision we make can go two ways and change everything, or you can keep it all the same.

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Made of Honor (2008) Review

Patrick Dempsey really is a very attractive man and who would not be totally in love with him. I think he plays the part of a womaniser (Tom) so well, and it is believeable he pretty much could have any woman that he wants, whenever he wants. I thought the opening of how he met Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) by mistaking her for her room mate was a nice start to how they became friends. She resisted him which obviously he did not like.

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