The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

The epic conclusion to the Legend of Batman . . . The Dark Knight Rises

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Inception (2010) Trailer

With one week to go until the release of Inception, last night at the cinema I saw for the first time a second trailer for the film. Which I think is much better than the first trailer and makes me want to see the film even more. It really does look like such an interesting concept and some brilliant effects.

Movie Quote of the Day 32

Today’s quote comes from “Nine” in a heartbreaking scene between Guido and Luisa.

Luisa Contini: Thank you.
Guido Contini: What for?
Luisa Contini: Thank you for reminding me I’m not special. You don’t even see what you do to me. Even the moments I think are ours, it’s just… you working to get what you want.”

Golden Globes 2010 – Predictions

In build up for tonight’s Golden Globes I have decided to post my predictions. Who I want to win but who I think will win (if those are different). I am looking forward to the show tonight and quite curious of how Ricky Gervais will get on as the host. Lots of my favorite actors and actresses should be in attendance as well which makes it even better before it starts. Onto my predictions . . .

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Critics Choice Awards 2010 – Pictures

As I have just posted the winners of the 2010 Critics Choice awards I thought I would post some pictures from the event. Some nice dresses already and more to come Sunday at the Golden Globes. Also a very interesting moment occurred up on stage with Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock sharing a kiss when they were both announced as winners of the best actress award. Bradley Cooper appears to be enjoying himself in this picture as well !!!

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Golden Globes 2010 – Nominations

The 67th Annual Golden Globes take place on 17th January 2010 and are the first major awards to be handed out in what will be another busy awards season. Because I had been slipping with the blog for the last few weeks I still had not posted this years nominations.


Closer to the ceremony I will post my predictions on who I think will walk away with the Golden Globe on the night.

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Chicago (2002) / Nine (2009)

While I was writing my review for Nine (and even watching it) I was trying not to compare it to Chicago. Mainly because I love Chicago and it is one of my favorite films ever, so to compare another musical directed by Rob Marshall on one viewing would not be very fair. So I have decided to take a deeper look into both movies and not really say which one is better, but to show comparisons.


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