Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Review

Three men who are want to be bank robbers decided on a plan to hold up a bank, which would be nice and simple. Walk in, take the money and run. It didn’t go to that plan and well into the night they are still negotiating with the pressure mounting.


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Requiem for a Dream (2000) Review

This film shows how bad drug addictions can be and how the people suffering from them have no power to stop, even though the four people this is happening to in the film are all very ambitious and want certain things out of life. But with drug addictions spiralling out of control can they really reach their dreams?

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The Wrestler (2008) Review


Randy “The Ram” Robinson is a faded professional wrestler who should not be taking part in the sport anymore. Due to his health he really should be retired, but that is not going to stop him with one last bout as he struggles with his new found life outside of the ring.


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