LEGO: Home Alone House!

The latest release from LEGO sees everyones favourite Christmas film and house be done in LEGO form! This is simply outstanding and I really wish I could one buy it and two have somewhere to display it! Having had the pleasure of going to the real house when I was in Chicago it would be outstanding to also have the LEGO version.

The level of detail in which LEGO place into their products is simply breathtaking and something that really does impressive me so very much!

Price: £229.99

Number of pieces: 3955

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LEGO: Friends – Central Perk

Friends Lego!

When it was announced by LEGO that a special Friends set would be available it has been something that I have been looking at getting, being the big Friends geek that I am. This eventually happened mainly due to lockdown in all honesty, because that pushed the decision to eventually buy it! Especially when Amazon had it £8 cheaper than the £64.99 retail price and it was unavailable direct from LEGO until the end of June, although now it is just out of stock and hard to find. So it seems I made the correct decision to purchase it.

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LEGO Porgs arrive in London!

Here is your change to own a LEGO Porg, let’s face it they look absolutely fantasic.

Delighting fans nationwide, LEGO® has brought the real heroes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to the capital London for fans of all ages

LEGO brings a group of Porgs – the furry new Star Wars critters that have set the internet alight – to London!
To launch the new chapter in the Star Wars saga, the brick-built sea birds took in the sights of the UK’s capital, including the LEGO store in Leicester Square
LEGO is also offering the public the chance to win their own, incredibly rare LEGO Porg this Christmas season.

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Recreating the Movie 11 – Lego Batman!

I decided to wait a few days before adding another movie recreation to the blog after the London trip last week. The Lego shop recently opened in Leicester Square but it has always had a queue and I decided it wasn’t really worth queuing, how wrong that is! Such an impressive shop with so many incredible Lego creations.


With Lego Batman movie out they had a very cool Batman made from Lego! I still need to try and see the film!