The Departed (2006) Review


Frank Costello is running South Boston and we get an in-depth look within his crew which has an undercover cop but he has a mole within the police, as both men attempt to identify the other!


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Lost Girls (2020) Review


When Mari Gilbert’s daughter Shannan suddenly disappears and the police don’t really seem to be that bothered by it so she decides to take it upon herself to investigate a gated community in Long Island, her last known location and a frantic 911 call.


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Unstoppable (2010) Review

Thanks to Show Film First for the chance to get to see this film 8 days before the general release! (and manage to get me to the cinema for the first time in months, yes that is why I have lack of updates on the blog!)

Unstoppable is about a train which is not just coasting around the tracks without a driver it is flying around at top speed on the tracks with no driver! Yes, I know what your thinking . . . Speed but not on a bus, on a train instead. Well kinda but kinda not at the same, confused yet?

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