Musical Moments – Agatha All Along!

I still totally have this in my head since episode seven of WandaVision and with good reason. What a truly amazing moment and catchy song, Kathryn Hahn is just so perfect!

This Is Where I Leave You (2014) Review


When their father passes away four grown siblings must face the past and the grim present when they all return to their childhood home and attempt to live together again for a week. Each having their own issues to deal with and trying to come to terms with the choices they have made in life.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Review


Miles Morales becomes a second Spider-Man in his reality along with Peter Parker, but when Kingpin is trying to merge some realities he is about to meet his counterparts from other dimensions. They must work together to save all of their realities.


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How Do You Know (2010) Review

Lisa (Witherspoon) lives for Softball, but when she is cut from the US team she then has to deal with how to move on with her life. This involves her boyfriend baseball player Matty (Wilson) and blind date George (Rudd). George has his own problems being investigated by the government and receiving advice from his father Charles (Nicholson).

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Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

How do you break free without breaking apart?

I guess the tagline is a great place to start on describing the film, as that was the main problem between Frank (Dicapro) and his wife April (Winslet).  Its obvious that in the beginning they really did love each other so much, but over the years after moving to a house and having two children this condemned their relationship to turn to hate as they both blamed one another for not making it in what they wanted to do.


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