Mercury Rising (1998) Review

When Simon Lynch a nine year old autistic boy cracks a top secret code by doing a word search puzzle book, his life and his family are instantly put in danger when they are targeted by the NSA.


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Teaser Trailer: The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

Written and directed by the incredible Aaron Sorkin is enough to get me interested in a film, I absolutely love his dialogue heavy approach and that is going to be fantastic in courtroom scenes!

Check out the truly incredible cast as well, not long until this film is released on Netflix Friday October 16th 2020!

Ted 2 (2015) Review

Ted has gotten married to the love of his life Tami-Lynn but a year later they are fighting and arguing all the time. They decide the way to fix this was to have a baby. Yes you can work out the main problem with that, but after trying to then adopt it is brought to the attention that Ted is not actually recognised as a person.

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Love Happens (2009) Review

Now I have to first say that the poster and trailer for this movie are both quite deceiving, even the title to a certain extent as well. This is far from being just a romance or romantic comedy movie. It is much deeper and more of a drama than that, which I was quite surprised about. As I really did think it was going to be more about a romance between Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, but that is more of a side story which is quite a disaster at times. Yes, I did not read the plot before I went to see the movie.

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