The Adam Project (2022) Review

In 2022 Adam is still coming to terms with the sudden death of his father a year earlier, when an injured pilot turns up at his house everything is about to get complicated when it is an older version of himself who has time travelled back.


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Yes Day (2021) Review

The Torres family are dominated by the word “no” being constantly used and Allison and Carlos agree to having a yes day with their three children. This depended on good behaviour and grades at school and for one full day they had to say yes to everything (some ground rules in place of course).


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Love, Simon (2018) Review


Simon Spier is enjoying his final year in High School, hanging out with his friends and having a great life with his family. The only problem is that he is keeping a big secret from everyone, he’s gay. It’s not something he has meant to hide away but when a threat to out him comes he does everything possible to try to stop that happening.


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