Fast Girls (2012) Review


Shania Andrews has not had the easiest of upbringings and when her athletics ability creates a rivalry with Lisa Temple, they are about to learn that they actually have a lot more in common than they first thought.

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Mr. Brooks (2007) Review


Mr. Earl Brooks is a very well-respected businessman and worth a lot of money. He has a big secret though, he is a serial killer and controlled by his alter ego Marshall loving the thrill of murdering people.

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Sex and the City: The Movie (2008) Review

SATC is my favorite EVER TV Show. I have seen every episode so many times, have the shoebox box set of the whole series. So when they announced that the movie was going to made. I was so happy about it, I even went to see it twice in the cinema when it first came out last year. Then when I went to NYC last year I was in heaven in the HBO shop buying lots of SATC merchandise.

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