20 Years of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring!

I seriously cannot believe that it has been twenty years now since Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was released in cinemas. I remember going to the cinema to see it as well, although not fully understanding what exactly it was but I can safely say that I had never witnessed anything like it before and the debate to whether we will ever witness anything on this scale again is very much up for debate.

One of the only pluses about the lockdown last year and when the cinemas reopening they did not have a whole lot of films and Lord of the Rings got a cinema release and they only went and put the extended editions on the big screen (the only editions now really) and I went to see all three of them twice within ten days of the big screen, as Odeon screened them first and then when Cineworld added them in I just had to go again. That was amazing that 19 years on and I still love them more than ever. While I may not watch them on repeat as much as I used to and in particular Fellowship of the Ring, my obsession with the film came a year after the cinematic release when I got the extended edition on DVD that looks like a fancy book. I would seriously watch it and then start it al over again, I have watched them all with the cast commentary and every single special feature.

It’s safe to say I was utterly obsessed with Middle Earth, I managed to read all of the books as well before Return of the King was released and I was just well taken into this magical world. If there was no Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings then you would not be reading this and Let’s Go To The Movies would not exist. It was the film that really grew my love for cinema and how amazing films could really be, no other films have made me feel the way this trilogy did and I don’t think anything will ever come that close. I felt part of the Fellowship and wanted to be on that journey with them, given the way the filming was done we really did feel that way when it came to watching the cast off set as well as on set. I was a member on some Lord of the Rings forums (anyone who is old enough to remember what an Internet forum is) as well as an Orlando Bloom forum. I have never hidden my fangirl moments over Bloom, which all seemed from Fellowship of the Ring, albeit I was slightly disappointed the first time I found out he didn’t actually have blonde hair. Hey, I was 14 years old?

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Returning to Middle Earth

With the up and coming release of the first installment of ‘The Hobbit’ next month I am very much looking forward to returning to Middle Earth. The Lord of the Rings trilogy really started my love for films, I have honestly lost count how many times I have seen each film. Especially the extended edition DVDs and now Blu Rays. I watched everything off them as well, the interviews, how they built the set and what went into making the incredible Middle Earth world we see on the screen. I was totally obsessed, I had so many different books, I had all versions of the DVDs and then now the Blu Ray extended editions. I have recently been watching them (again) and I honestly know all of the words for the extended editions I don’t think I would like the normal editions now. I wonder if this is something we will also get with The Hobbit?

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Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I just realised the other day that I have neglected how big an impact Lord of the Rings had on developing my love of movies, in this blog. It was “Fellowship of the Ring” which really started off not only my Lord of the Rings obsession but my movie obsession as well. Especially when I got the extended edition of the DVD and watched it hundreds of times over and over again. I watched all of the behind the scene features too, and even watched the movie with cast commentary on a few occasions. It also introduced me to Orlando Bloom, yes who I still found very attractive after I realised he did not have blond hair and pointy ears haha.

All of the behind the scene features for “Two Towers” and “Return of the King” have all been watched a lot and it really developed my love for movies and how much time and effort was placed into the elaborate making of these movies. It also made me want to visit New Zealand, it encouraged me to read the books and to take a big interest in “Middle Earth”, I had so many other books explaining the movie and the books. I also feel in love with Aragorn in both the movie and the books.

I still think to this day that if I had not become really obsessed with LOTR I would not be a massive movie fan, it really opened me up to how fantastic movies are and it really was just a fantasy series which you can totally get lost in. I really enjoyed how the movie encouraged me to read the books. I finished Return of the King before it came out in the cinema therefore some parts in the movie disappointed me a tiny little bit.

From then on, I also took an interest in reading books that I had seen the movie too, then trying to read books before the movie was released. Which either way is good with me, you can still love a book more than the movie even if you read it after you have seen the movie as they often take slightly different takes on the story.

I also took a massive interest in all of the actors in LOTR and get excited when I see them in something to this day, I even went back and watched some of there older stuff. So it really broadened my knowledge of the movies. I went and read “The Hobbit” as well and really cannot wait for the movie to be made, but I am a little sad that Peter Jackson is not making it. He done such an incredible job with LOTR and he would have with the Hobbit as well.

I hope that the trilogy is something that people will keep watching and enjoying a lot over the years and just love as much as I did on first viewings and still do to this day. I really should get round to writing reviews for all 3 movies. I just wish that I had this blog at the time when I really started to watch more and more movies.

So thank you to Lord of the Rings for making me the film fantatic that I am too this day.