Point Break (1991) Review

Johnny Utah is an FBI agent who ends up going undercover into the California surfing world when his partner believes a group of surfers are bank robbers known as The Ex-Presidents.


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Barbara Streisand: Encore


This album is rather impressive as it combines theatre songs with some very well known actors to sing with the legend that is Barbra Streisand. I first heard about it on a feature from Good Morning Britain who showed clips of the recording sessions along with a very excited Jamie Foxx. Brilliant to see how much of a big star Streisand is!

I was so curious about this album that I went straight onto Spotify to see that only one song was available so therefore iTunes to buy it!

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Sherlock (TV Series) – Seasons 1-3

A modern-day update as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson take on cases in 21st Century London. I am a little bit behind on catching up with Sherlock considering the first season was originally broadcast in 2010. But thanks to Netflix UK I watched season one and two very quickly as a was taken in by this incredible drama.

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Movies from the iPad

I now have no excuse about updating this blog. As now have an iPad so can work on drafts and posts on my way to work! Good times I reckon. I have tried on the past to use my iPod touch or Blackberry but find them both too small to type on, but that is not a problem with the iPad at all!

I could even watch a couple of the movies I have on iTunes. So this really does bode well for more posts on the blog. If I don’t have time to start a review when I get home from the cinema on a night time the option now is the next morning to at least start it getting my main points down before I forget. Very easy to type on this keypad great size!

Anyone else in the iPad club?

Lady GaGa – Speechless

I am sure I have made posts before when I have a song of the moment before, so here goes another one of those posts. I heard this song for the first time on Wednesday when the Royal Variety performance was on TV and pretty much downloaded it on Friday and have listened to it 25 times on iTunes already!!! Yes I did say it was a song of the moment.

I think its a totally different type of song to hear from Lady GaGa showing that she really is talented with music, while yes she is a little strange. But I think thats all part of her act, she does things differently. This shows in the performance at the Royal Variety.

I guess I can just really relate to this song at the moment with the lyrics they just really appeal to me, and somethings that have been going on at the moment.

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Taylor Swift

Yes this is a very random post, and doesnt really have anything to do with movies. But the odd random post about something else, or a little rant and stuff like that would be cool, right?

Yeah I think so. I am currently listening to iTunes and have had a couple of her songs on, and they are so good. They really appeal to me at the moment with the lyrics and stuff like that. So I figured I had to state this on my blog, haha. Yes it is random, but the songs are so good. I do sometimes think she is a little young to be singing some of these things as she cant really know what its all about, but hey who am I to judge?

Love Story is on now . . . love it !!! “Take me somewhere for us to be alone . . . you be the prince, i’ll be the princess . . . “

iTunes Movie Downloads

Ok, so since I am currently living in the USA. I dont have access to my DVDs or even watching good old Sky Movies. So I have started looking at iTunes for the cheap movies of the week. To which I bought Rocky 4.

I also bought Field of Dreams, which I have not seen yet . . . so watch this space for a review coming very soon. Love a bit of Kevin Costner.