Game: Pop! Blitz

I have an every growing collection of Pop! figures, seriously it does become very obsessive. I know that they divide opinion and seem to be a very much love or hate collectable item. I for one love them so when an advert popped up on my iPad for this game I have to admit that I was rather excited. Another way to collect POP!s but where I don’t have to find space for them to be displayed!

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A very exciting new streaming service has come to the UK thanks to FilmStruck!

FilmStruck Lead


FilmStruck is a new premium movie streaming service expertly curated by film lovers for film lovers. FilmStruck offers a broad and diverse collection of cinema’s most iconic and ground-breaking films, from genres such as mainstream, cult, independent, art house, classic and documentary film as well as the best of British and foreign cinema. The service draws primarily on the extensive Warner Bros. library and the Criterion Collection, as well as other global and local content partners.

The UK is the joint venture’s initial launch market in what is planned as a multi-market roll out over the next two years. The service will launch in the UK first as FilmStruck Curzon, in collaboration with the iconic independent cinema brand.

For film aficionados and enthusiasts alike, FilmStruck’s on demand service features a highly accessible and regularly refreshed selection of critically acclaimed films from across the decades, unlocking the stories that captivated audiences upon their release and which continue to resonate today. The service has a carefully curated Themed area, selected by film experts, to optimise discoverability and introduce ‘new’ titles to curious audiences.

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Electronics Upgrades!

As part of my trip and birthday it also ended up including many upgrades to my current technology. You may or may not already know that I have had quite the Apple obsession for many years and in preparation for my iPad which I do believe is fourth generation not going to update with the new iOS when it is available in September I knew I had to update that sooner rather than later.

I sync everything from my iMac to iPad for work and other documents so it was a must really as Keynote, Pages etc would no longer be effective in the same way they currently are.

Massive Upgrade!

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Movies from the iPad

I now have no excuse about updating this blog. As now have an iPad so can work on drafts and posts on my way to work! Good times I reckon. I have tried on the past to use my iPod touch or Blackberry but find them both too small to type on, but that is not a problem with the iPad at all!

I could even watch a couple of the movies I have on iTunes. So this really does bode well for more posts on the blog. If I don’t have time to start a review when I get home from the cinema on a night time the option now is the next morning to at least start it getting my main points down before I forget. Very easy to type on this keypad great size!

Anyone else in the iPad club?