7 Good Paul Rudd Films


I still can’t help but think of Paul Rudd as Mike from Friends, but he certainly has come a very long way over the past twenty years. He certainly seems to be one of the most popular actors to take on the comedy genre and even taken that across to become a Superhero as well, a tiny little ant. Each role he makes his own and I am finding myself becoming more of a fan with each film I watch him in!


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Top 10 – Worst Films of 2010

The downside of going to the cinema once maybe twice a week is that you will end up going to see some bad films at some point. Or maybe not just bad, but disappointing after they have been built up so much. I have managed to see 41 films from the year 2010, so picked by 10 worst from those!

Some of the films may come as a bit of a shock on the worst film list, but just how I felt watching the films. The more I have looked over my list the more it appears disappointment set in whilst really looking forward to seeing the films.

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How Do You Know (2010) Review

Lisa (Witherspoon) lives for Softball, but when she is cut from the US team she then has to deal with how to move on with her life. This involves her boyfriend baseball player Matty (Wilson) and blind date George (Rudd). George has his own problems being investigated by the government and receiving advice from his father Charles (Nicholson).

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