Frankie and Johnny (1991) Review

Johnny had just been released from prison and he gets a chef job in a cafe where he meets waitress Frankie. He sees something between them despite Frankie not wanting to get close and give in to her feelings for him.


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Valentine’s Day (2010) Posters

Two posters have been released for next years release of Valentine’s Day, I have to admit that I am very much looking forward to this movie because some of my favorite actors/actresses are in this, mainly Julia Roberts :-). But I am also happy to see Taylor Swift in this too, as I am such a big fan of her music.

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Pretty Woman (1990) Review

“Pretty Woman” has to be one of the best loved romantic comedies and possibly one of the films which started off the popularity to this genre of movies. It certainly put Julia Roberts level of fame on a whole new level. Who would think a story about a prostitute and wealthy business man would actually turn out to be so heart warming and sweet, with a lovely happy “hollywood” ending. But despite the never going to happen, don’t glorify being a prostitute arguments, I really do adore this film and defiantly is one of my favorites. I love Julia Roberts I really do think she is a fantastic actress, i’ve always been such a big fan of hers.


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