Top 10 – Harry Potter – Snape Quotes

Possibly the best character in the whole Harry Potter series. As we do not know whether he is good or bad, throughout the entire series. When we think he is good he seems to do something to make us think he is bad. Then when he seems bad and evil something else happens to change our minds again. Severus Snape is the most complex character and the mystery of it all really does keep us hanging on right until the very end. We do not find out the truth until we get to the Prince’s tale.

No-one could have taken the role on the way Alan Rickman did. He really became Snape bringing him to life and the delivery of the lines are just so perfect. I just love the way he speaks and sounds so awkward at times.

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Top 10 – Harry Potter Characters in the Books

The top 10 Harry Potter characters from the books, this has been a difficult top 10 to sort out as the series really does have so many brilliant characters. We really get to know them all so well in the books. Obviously so many to choose from and try to put in an order. I have gone for the first that come to mind from reading the books.

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I think I started the 30 day Harry Potter challenge at just the right time, to have it finishing days before the final film is released in theatres. I found it very good going through each day and deciding my favorite or least favorite characters and things about the franchise. A very good challenge for any Potter fan to have a look back at everything about the series.

I also feel a certain sense of achievement by finishing the 30 day challenge. I tried a normal film one a couple of months back and it totally failed at about 14 days. So a good achievement right in time for the final film coming out in two days . . . or three days.

Harry Potter – The Story of Snape

Severus Snape has always been the character who you do not know if he is good or bad. Dumbledore was always in Snape’s corner when Harry used to blame him for everything. However, after Snape kills Dumbledore, Harry takes it all even harder when Dumbledore always used to trust him.

Snape’s story is possibly the best in the entire series and we are going to be seeing this on the big screen in a couple of days. I cried during that whole part of the book, so not holding much hope for holding it together for the film. Not long now!!!

Harry Potter Challenge – Day 30: What affect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you

I think it made me realise how incredible books can be if they are written in such a fantastic way and how much you can fall in love with a different world. You are taken on an amazing journey and can relate to everything the three main characters go through and how difficult it really is growing up. The things you are put through at school and what everything means to you as you do grow.

We love Hogwart and wish we could have gone to school there and that magic and wizards are actually real. It is incredible how J.K. Rowling managed to create all of this in such incredible depth.