Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2016

Before I get into the list I thought it would be a great idea to mention that you can read about my 2016 Theatre trips here so you have an idea of which shows that I had to choose from when putting together my top 10 list of the year.

When picking the shows that could be in the list, I managed to narrow it down to 16! So then having to make the final pick was rather difficult as that is how much I really did enjoy and love them.

Just missing out on the list was Rocky Horror, Guys and Dolls, The End of Longing and Wicked. It was so difficult to have to leave out No Man’s Land as it was an absolute honour seeing Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart on stage. As well as Nice Fish with Mark Rylance (who is to be made a Sir).

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An Inspector Calls (UK Tour) – Newcastle Review


Liam Brennan- Inspector Goole

Geoff Leesley – Mr. Birling

Caroline Wildi – Mrs. Birling

Matthew Douglas – Gerald Croft

Katherine Jack – Sheila Birling

Hamish Riddle – Eric Birling

Diana Payne-Myers – Edna

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