Footloose: The Musical (UK Tour) Review



Luke Baker – Ren McCormack

Gareth Gates – Willard

Maureen Nolan – Vi Moore/Principal Clark

Hannah Price – Ariel Moore

David J. Higgins – Rev Shaw Moore

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Tuesday 11th October 2016

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7 Films you forgot Sarah Jessica Parker was in!

My previous blog post about Sarah Jessica Parker’s new film ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ got me thinking about her career on the silver screen. She has been in quite a lot of films now, but can you actually remember many of them? I am guessing for a lot of people the answer will probably be known. Most well-known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City TV Show.

When looking at her different roles to make this list, one thing that I seemed to notice is that not many of her characters are liked by the other characters. So that probably means that audiences aren’t really too fond on them either. That could possibly be a reason why SJP is not very well received by critics and movie watchers. Although I will always consider myself a fan after Sex and the City, and always hope that she gets some good movies to appear in.

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Footloose (2011) Poster & Trailer

The trailer has been released for the remake of the popular 80s film, Footloose. Not really sure about this myself as the original is such a classic. But I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure! Remaking 80’s films seems to be very in at the moment. We had the remake of ‘Fame’ in 2009. I wonder what we will be seeing a remake of next?


2010 Releases

I guess I have nothing better to do but thought I would have a look into the future of film and pick out some movies that I am looking forward to being released in 2010. At this very moment in time, my list of what I really want to see only contains 10 movies. I am sure as time goes by this will increase to so many more . . .

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News: Crawford Undergoes Musical Training For Footloose

I am still sad that Zac is no longer in it, but hopefully Chace will be very good.

Chace Crawford will undergo gruelling singing and dancing lessons before the cameras role on his remake of movie musical Footloose.

The Gossip Girl star has signed to take on the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original film, after Zac Efron was forced to pull out.

Crawford has limited musical experience, and director Kenny Ortega admits he’ll need coaching before he’s ready to take on the role.

Ortega – who is choreographing Michael Jackson’s comeback tour – tells Us Weekly, “He really sizzles. He has musicality. We need to work with him on music and dance. There are some big shoes to fill. But he has it in him.”