7 Greatest Performances: Julia Roberts

Oscar Winner
Oscar winner for Erin Brockovich

You may or not be aware that Julia Roberts is my all time favourite actress (Sorry Meryl/Catherine Zeta Jones) so I thought I would start a new series of blog posts 7 Greatest Performances and who better to start with than Julia Roberts? This will be looking at the best performances from different actors rather than judging just the film. I thought this would create some very good and interesting lists, as the greatest performances are not necessarily in the best films. This comes on the back of seeing Wonder over the weekend which I thought she was just amazing in!

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Eat, Pray, Love (2010) Pictures

As you will already know if you often read my blog, I am a massive Julia Roberts fan. Therefore I have been looking forward to this film Eat, Pray, Love since it was announced that Julia would be starring in it. Since seeing the trailer which makes the film look really good (yes I am slightly biased) I thought the stills from the film would increase my build up in wanting to see this film.

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News: Roberts Worried About Playing Bardem’s Love Interest

Awww I just love Jules, so much news about her the past few weeks and I just love it !!!

Julia Roberts is anxious to see how Javier Bardem will sweep her off her feet in their forthcoming film Eat, Pray, Love – after watching the actor’s violent performance in No Country For Old Men.

The actress is set to star alongside Richard Jenkins and Bardem, who falls in love with Roberts’ character during a worldwide journey of self-discovery in the movie, which is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling 2006 memoir.

But the Hollywood beauty admits she is having trouble envisioning Bardem in the role of a hopeless romantic after watching him play an awkward-looking and compassionless killer in the 2007 Oscar-winning drama.

She says, “I can’t actually say I’m looking forward to it because I keep picturing him with that evil Beatles haircut. And that can (weapon) – what the hell is in that can? I have some reservations about this, but there are other nice people in the movie before he gets there.”

Filming is scheduled to begin in July and will take place in New York, Italy, India and Bali.

Jenkins Joins Roberts In Eat, Pray Love

Can only be a good thing, Richard Jenkins seems to do well in almost all movies he is in.

Richard Jenkins will help guide Julia Roberts to spiritual enlightenment in their new movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Jenkins has signed on to star opposite Roberts in the film, based on an international bestselling novel by Elizabeth Gilbert about a woman on a journey of self-discovery after divorcing her husband.

The pair meet at a peaceful Hindu community in India during after Roberts’ character embarks on a year-long journey around the world to find enlightenment.

Filming is scheduled to begin in July and will take place in New York, Rome, India and Bali, reports Variety.

Julia Roberts to shoot for Brad Pitt’s next movie in India

New movie in the works for Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts to shoot for Brad Pitt’s next movie in India

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts who had recently visited India with hubby Danny Moder in tow will be returning soon.
The ‘Pretty Woman’ actress has reportedly signed a new movie to be produced by Brad Pitt. The movie titled ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is a film about an American woman`s journey across the world to find love.

It is believed the flick is based on a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the book, divorced Gilbert tells of how she abandoned her comfortable life in New York after divorce and journeyed from Italy to Indonesia before she finally landed in India and found love.

Though not much is known about the lead actor opposite Roberts but according to inside reports, the writer refused to sell the rights to her epic tale unless Roberts agreed to sign up for the lead role.

Source: http://www.spicezee.com/articles/story23403.htm