7 Meryl Streep Performances that Deserved to Win an Oscar

Meryl Streep is the most nominated actress of all time, a massive 19 nominations to which she has won 3 times. She won for her roles in The Iron Lady and Sophie’s Choice as a leading actress and Kramer vs Kramer as a supporting actress.

This year she picked up a nomination for actress in a supporting role as the Witch in ‘Into the Woods’ in recent years Streep has quickly become one of my all time favourite actresses. It might seem like an obvious choice with her critical acclaim but I really do think she actually deserves every single piece of it. She is different in each of her film roles and brings something to each character she has played on-screen.

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Meryl Streep – LAMB Acting School

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In recent years Meryl Streep has easily become one of my favorite actress. Watching her in all different types of film is just incredible, she is such an amazing actress. The most Oscar nominated actress of all, with a couple of Gold statues to go with the nominations.

The LAMB is this month going to be celebrating Meryl . . . that means more Meryl posts from Let’s Go To The Movies, in celebration of such a fantastic career that is still going so strong. I really do think Meryl will pick up a long-awaited Oscar next year for her performance as Thatcher in the Iron Lady.


Postcards from the Edge (1990) 

The Bridges of Madison County (1995) 

Doubt (2008)

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Julie & Julia (2009)

It’s Complicated (2009) 

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) 


Can a woman be more successful than her partner in Hollywood?

News: Doubt Stars Cut Through Tense Scenes With Cooking Chats

I love reading stories of how different actors deal with doing scenes and stuff like that. Plus this is about Meryl !!!

Doubt stars Meryl Streep and Viola Davis found a little light relief in between takes of their harrowing scenes in the film by talking about bad feet and food.

Streep’s stern nun character had to break it to Davis’ worried mum that she thought her son was being abused by a priest – and the scenes between them helped both actresses earn Oscar nominations.

And now Davis reveals the two stars were anything but serious in between the tears and the tension.

She tells WENN, “We talked about cooking! I really thought about it too. I was thinking, ‘I’m with Meryl Streep, I could ask her about Sophie’s Choice and Out of Africa and A Cry in the Dark. I could tell her I love her! And we’re talking about cooking!’

“At one point, she said, ‘How are your feet, by the way? Do you have good feet?’ I said, ‘My feet are pretty good. How are your feet?’ And she said, ‘Oh, my feet are terrible. Do you want some chocolate?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I want some chocolate.’ That was our conversation.

“I think it’s because what happens when you’re shooting a scene is the natural rapport of what your characters are going through extends into real life. And, with our characters, it’s kind of tense and we were a little tense with each other, but I kind of like her.

“My character, Mrs. Miller, thinks Sister Aloysius is a bit of a bulldog, but we would have a casual relationship if it weren’t for this confrontation, so I think it naturally happened that we talked about feet and cooking!”

Doubt (2008) Review

I have doubts. I have such doubts.

The setting for this film which is based on a play, is 1964 at St. Nicholas school in the Bronx. The Principal Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Meryl Streep) who loves nothing more than to terrify the children as she is a big believer in discipline. Sister James (Amy Adams) has just started teaching and does not have any of the same mannerisms as Sister Aloysius. Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) a well liked priest is popular in the local community with the Sunday masses he does the sermon for.


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