Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Review

When Evelyn Wang is attempting to do her taxes for the laundromat she owns with her husband Waymond, she is suddenly taken on an insane adventure when it turns out she could be the person to save the world and keep the universes from all being destroyed. Getting to see all of the different ways her life could have been different.


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State of Play (2009) Review

Stephen Collins is a member of congress and when one of his aides is killed an investigation begins to take place, especially when it is revealed he was having an affair with her. Cal McAffrey is the Washington journalist who works on the case with Collins just happening to be an old college friend.


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News: Angels & Demons Draws The Crowd At Global Box Office

Not a suprise that it is a big hit !!!

Tom Hanks’ new movie Angels & Demons continues to rule the international box office chart after fending off competition from Ben Stiller’s Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian.

The religious thriller, director Ron Howard’s big screen adaptation of Dan Brown’s book of the same name, scooped $60.4 million (£40.26 million) outside of the U.S. to claim the number one position for its second consecutive week.

Stiller’s sequel has proven to be the most popular choice Stateside, taking $53.5 million (£35.7 million) over the Memorial Day weekend (22-24May09), but its pull wasn’t as strong overseas and it debuted in second place with $50.1 million (£33.4 million) at the global box office.

Star Trek came in a distant third place with $11.5 million (£7.6 million), while X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Hannah Montana rounded out the top five with $7 million (£4.67 million) and $3.1 million (£2 million) respectively.

News: Catholic Reviewers Poke Fun At ‘Harmless’ Angels & Demons

There we go, all the uproar the other day before they even saw the movie and after all that its . . . . harmless !!!!

Catholic scholars in Rome, Italy have given Tom Hanks’ new movie Angels & Demons a pass after sitting through a preview screening of the controversial film.

Reviewers at The Vatican’s newspaper have called the Da Vinci Code prequel inaccurate, but “harmless”.

L’Osservatore Romano ran a review and an editorial in Wednesday’s edition, critiquing the movie based on Dan Brown’s bestseller.

Film experts expected the reviewers to slate the film for daring to suggest a secret, sinister brotherhood within the Catholic Church was responsible for protecting Jesus Christ’s lineage, killing anyone who got too close to the truth or threatened the religious icon’s descendants.

Instead, L’Osservatore Romano’s critics have called Ron Howard’s film a “gigantic and smart commercial operation,” branding the film’s reconstruction of locations like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel “magnificent”.

But the reviewers had to poke fun at the film’s mistakes, suggesting moviegoers should try to spot the historical inaccuracies.

They write, “(The film is) more than two hours of harmless entertainment, which hardly affects the genius and mystery of Christianity… (It’s) a videogame that first of all sparks curiosity and is also, maybe, a bit of fun.”

The film, which opens later this month, had its world premiere in Italy earlier this week (beg04May09).

Howard Blasts Vatican Over Movie Shoot

Even more news. I can see how Ron is upset I mean after all it is just a movie . . .

Director Ron Howard has accused Vatican officials of deliberately sabotaging filming of his upcoming movie Angels & Demons.

The film, based on author Dan Brown’s book of the same name, stars Tom Hanks as a Harvard professor who investigates the murder of a physicist and a terrorist act against the Vatican by a secret brotherhood.

The movie is a prequel to 2006’s The Da Vinci Code, and both have come under fire from Catholic leaders who claim the films attack the core beliefs of their faith.

Howard alleges diocese staff in Rome used “back channels” to prevent shooting near several churches key to the movie’s plot – and blasts them for vetoing a special screening of Angels & Demons in Rome.

Speaking at a recent press conference, he said, “When you come to film in Rome, the official statement to you is that the Vatican has no influence. Everything progressed very smoothly, but unofficially a couple of days before we were to start filming in several of our locations, it was explained to us that through back channels and so forth, the Vatican had exerted some influence.

“There was supposed to be a reception or screening here in Rome that had been approved and I suppose that the Vatican had some influence over that.”

However, a Vatican spokesman has brushed off the comments, insisting Howard is merely trying to drum up publicity for the film ahead of its release later this month.

Hanks Defends Angels & Demons Against Catholic Criticism

I bet Tom was ready for some criticism after all of the stuff surrounding The Da Vinci Code.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is baffled by the criticism his new film Angels & Demons has attracted from leading Roman Catholics – because he insists there is “nothing sacrilegious” about the murder mystery.

The actor plays Harvard symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon in the big screen adaptation of author Dan Brown’s book, about the murder of a physicist and a terrorist act against the Vatican by a secret brotherhood.

The movie is a prequel to 2006’s The Da Vinci Code, based on another of Brown’s hit books, which came under fire from Catholic leaders who claimed the film attacked the core beliefs of their faith.

Angels & Demons has been met with similar criticism before it is even released – but Hanks is adamant there is nothing offensive about the film.

He tells the New York Daily News, “People will see there’s nothing sacrilegious about it at all. Yes, we had a few things go on that are completely fictionalised; but there’s no reason to have a big hurly-burly over what is essentially a whodunit (murder mystery).

“There’s no major theological discussion that goes on, other than science versus faith. There’s no winner in that argument. I just solve the murder.”

Angels & Demons is set to hit cinemas later this month.

Third Da Vinci Code Movie Gets Go-ahead

I think thats the right thing to do, Dan Brown’s book really are popular. I have read The Da Vinci Code and thought it was fantastic. I have not read Angels and Demon’s yet, and really want to before I go to see the movie.

Fans of Dan Brown‘s The Da Vinci Code books will not have to wait long for another movie installment – the author’s latest sequel has been green-lighted by film bosses before the novel even hits the shops.

The film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks, was a box office smash in 2006, grossing more than $758 million (£505 million) worldwide.

The prequel, Angels & Demons, is due to hit cinemas in May, while Brown’s latest book The Lost Symbol – the follow-up to The Da Vinci Code – is slated for release in September.

And executives at Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the movies, have already given the go-ahead for a film version of the new novel – stepping up negotiations to lock down a deal for Brown’s latest work, according to Variety.com.

Angels & Demons will be released on 14 May.