Table 19 (2017) Review


Eloise, finds herself seated with five fellow unwanted guests at the dreaded Table 19 after she is no longer maid of honour after breaking up with the brides brother who just happens to be the best man. He finished it all via text message, so let’s just say everything isn’t going to go to plan.

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Preview: April 2017 at the Cinema

Each month I have now decided to do a preview/up and coming post of the films that are going to be coming to the cinema. So here we go for April in 2017 and which films we can look to go and see, or avoid I guess. *Note this is for UK releases*

Probably not going to be the best month of the year at the cinema but I certainly have two films that I am really looking forward to. Yes, I know that does not sound like many at all but when you take a look at the better films this month has on offer then I am sure you will fully understand.

So take a look at what is coming to a cinema near you this month . . .

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Pineapple Express (2008) Review

I never really fancied this when it was released in the cinema last year, but after hearing a lot of mixed things about it (and an ever growing fondness of James Franco). I decided to give it ago and watch “Pineapple Express” and it is by no means the best comedy movie I have ever seen. But it did get me laughing at certain points mainly because of how random a lot of it was. Yes, it is mainly a movie based on weed . . . or the problems that occured all because of the weed known as pineapple express.

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