12 Years of Let’s Go To The Movies

Today marks 12 years since starting Let’s Go To The Movies and in that time I have blogged a lot about the films I truly adore and love, although also come across I don’t like and sometimes hate. Isn’t that one of the best things about watching films though? I certainly think so the discussion around films you just got and the ones you just didn’t.

Thanks to everyone for the support over these past 12 years, it has seen Let’s Go To The Movies make a UK Top 10 Film Blog four years in a row, but since been a couple of years now since making that list. I’ve done well though going for this long on just a little hobby right?

1727 Film Reviews

I thought this year I would celebrate with Harry and Sally, one of the greatest film moments of all time, considering it took them 12 years and 3 months to get together and married after their first meeting.

Top Popular Blogs You Should Be Following in 2018!

top-popular-blogs-1I received an email on Christmas Eve informing me that Let’s Go To The Movies had been placed on this list by TierraGamer.com

You can find me at number 36 on list! Always fantastic to be placed on any kind of list which may help increase readers and hits to the blog!

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Film Blogging Tips – IMDb External Reviews

Over the past few weeks I have found myself mentioning this to people on Twitter who had absolutely no idea what I was going on about. On IMDb – Internet Movie Database although I am sure you already knew that part. You can add your Film or TV Series reviews onto the external review part of the site.


I am pretty sure I just saw someone else mention it and started doing it then. Well, worth taking a little bit of time to put all of your reviews onto the site. I get around 15/20 clicks from IMDb by having my reviews in external reviews. I think it will probably be something that becomes even more popular with the announcement that they are closing down the messages boards. I guess both good and bad reasons behind that, but that is a totally different issue. I am here to help you expand your blog and get more people reading your reviews that you take a lot of time and effort to write.

I will take you on a step by step guide and honestly once you’ve submitted a couple of reviews it takes seconds to update!

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2016 Blogging Goals

This isn’t going to be anything too crazy or unachievable and something to really just remind myself to keep it all going!

  • Keep up reviewing each and every film that I see at the cinema
  • Try and break my 66 film record (set in 2015) at the cinema
  • Keep reviewing each and every show I see at the theatre
  • Be more adventurous on Netflix
  • Watch the DVDs/Blu-Ray that I still haven’t watched (and even seen the film)
  • Making lists of film related topics
  • The “life” blog posts which link to film
  • Really promote my blog in voting for 2016 UK Blog Awards (opens tomorrow)
  • Experience more old films
  • Work my way through different lists of “great” films

Anything else you would like to see me Blog about in terms of Film and/or Theatre on Let’s Go To The Movies in 2016?

Best time to write a film review?

This thought came across my mind when reviewing Eclipse last week, and thinking about when the best time to write your movie review is. Baring in mind over the past few months I have not really reviewed many films, as have found myself extremely busy. Hopefully know I have managed to find a happy medium and manage to continue in a better manner with this blog.

For me when I write a review really does depend on the film. After seeing certain films I feel the need to quickly draft some thoughts down, in a start to the review. However, at times I write the review as quick as possible after watching the film. Some films with tougher subject matters and more thought into them often require a couple of days to let it all digest properly.

Whilst on my none posting period on the blog, I did go to the cinema and even start drafts for different film reviews. But for some of these films I feel as though the time may have passed until I can get a second viewing of the film, as too much time has passed since I watched them now.

My main point of this blog post is to get opinions of what my fellow bloggers find as the best approach.

So I propose these questions to you:

1. When do you write your film review?

2. How long do feel is too long after seeing a film to write a review?

3. Any particular film genre you struggle with the reviews?

Writing A Movie Review

Writing a movie review . . . where to start?

Well this has to be the main reason for this blog, so that I can write my own movie reviews and see if people agree or disagree with what I say about them. So most of this post is going out to my fellow movie review bloggers. How easily do you find it to review a movie?

My answer to that question is it depends how much I like or get from the movie. Some reviews are difficult and take days and days to write. Where as some can actually be done in 15-20 minutes and the words just flow. These are often movies I have really enjoyed and/or related to in some way. I find that so easy to write a long review in such a short period of time.

I also find it difficult sometimes if you do not start the review right away, again this is for movies which I did not enjoy as much or really get anything from. I have to admit I have a few movies like that in my draft section at the moment. It’s just really difficult sometimes to review a movie. Do you agree?

When writing a review I try to give a plot outline, which sometimes goes more in-depth if the movie has quite a few good points as this has to be understood in order to get the whole review. I then try to pick out some of the key points or situations in the movie and give my opinion on them.

If you do relate to any of the key issues or situations in a movie this can be quite an emotional experience and can then transfer into your writing. I am sure it is evident in my reviews which movies I have been touched by or related to with in comparison to those I did not connect with at all. Therefore did not enjoy them very much.

I have to admit that I do hate writing reviews for movies I have not been too fond of, as I do not like just bashing or saying totally negative things about that movie. So I do still try to find something good about it, which is sometimes extremely difficult as my fellow bloggers will be well aware of.

To my fellow bloggers how do you go about writing your reviews?

To people who read my blog, more particularly my reviews, any advice on how to make them better?