Birthday – 35 Today!

Not really sure how that’s happened but today is my birthday and I am 35 years old! But let’s still have a Batman cake like a 5 year old would get! 😂

Happy 60th Birthday Jon Bon Jovi!

Bon Jovi are my all time favourite band EVER. Therefore Jon Bon Jovi is one of my favourite men, and he turns 60 years old today and I just had to do a post wishing him a very happy birthday!

Thought it was also the perfect time to share the videos again from Liverpool gig back in 2019!

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12 Years of Let’s Go To The Movies

Today marks 12 years since starting Let’s Go To The Movies and in that time I have blogged a lot about the films I truly adore and love, although also come across I don’t like and sometimes hate. Isn’t that one of the best things about watching films though? I certainly think so the discussion around films you just got and the ones you just didn’t.

Thanks to everyone for the support over these past 12 years, it has seen Let’s Go To The Movies make a UK Top 10 Film Blog four years in a row, but since been a couple of years now since making that list. I’ve done well though going for this long on just a little hobby right?

1727 Film Reviews

I thought this year I would celebrate with Harry and Sally, one of the greatest film moments of all time, considering it took them 12 years and 3 months to get together and married after their first meeting.

33 Today . . .

That’s right another year old and now a very old 33!

So I have decided to continue what I did for last year and see which actresses won Oscars when they were 33 years old and it just so happens my absolute favourites Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich and Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago we’re both 33 when they picked up Oscars!

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