Intolerable Cruelty (2003) Review


Marilyn is a gold-digger looking for a rich man to marry and fleece for all of his money. When she comes up against Miles Massey a divorce lawyer who never loses and costs her a big payout from her cheating husband they become in a battle. Which is difficult for Miles as he is extremely attracted to her!


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Christmas Films – 37-31

Here we go with the start of the list! I know some of the order is going to be frowned upon, but it’s just what I like when it comes to Christmas Films. Also don’t forget it is a list of the films I have SEEN so don’t need to say why isn’t a certain film included 😉

37. Bad Santa (2003) 

I know so many people actually love this one but I absolutely hate it. Thought it was everything that isn’t Christmas, which could be a reason for some of the likes in all honesty. But it really made me cringe and annoyed!

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Indecent Proposal (1993) Review

Diana (Demi Moore) and David Murphy (Woody Harrelson) are a married couple who have been together for a long time, they have money problems and find themselves in Las Vegas trying to win the money they need in order to keep their house. John Gage (Robert Redford) spots Diana and offers to buy her a dress, but she says she is not for sale. Then he makes them a very strange and unreal offer of $1 million for her to have sex with him. Diana and David decide to go ahead with it as they really need the money. But will it really be the end of it once they leave and go back home? At first yes that is all fine, but after a while when David starts asking questions and wants to know exactly what happened it is bound to go wrong. Diana going and trying to have a relationship with John, was that really the best idea in the world. I mean after the way they met and started out was it really going to work out? The answer to that was always going to be no, it could never work out. Although I did actually like the way he started going on about a million dollar club in order to stop it form hurting him more than it actually did, that kind of changed my mind about John and that he did actually want to be with Diana. But we have a decision to make at the ending whether or not Diana and David really gave it another go after sitting in the place he had proposed 7 years earlier.

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