Oscars 2022 – Acting Winners

The ultimate photo is back for 2022 after 2021 being rather strange and bizarre year!

Although given the Will Smith incident looks as though he then didn’t get in the photo?

7 Incredible Cate Blanchett Performances

Carol is released in the UK today and I have been looking forward to seeing it for months, after hearing about it while down and in London when the British Film Festival was on. For the premiere I was actually standing so close to the red carpet but couldn’t actually see anything. Cate Blanchett is a double Oscar winner, and been nominated three other times if that doesn’t say something about her incredible ability I don’t know what else will? But she really does have a fantastic range of films and she first came to my attention in Lord of the Rings.

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Oscars 2015 – Best Supporting Actress

Continuing my good form of seeing the Oscar nominated films I am pleased to say that I have seen all five of the films for the nominated actresses in a supporting role. Another pretty strong category and with what everyone thinks will be a clear winner. Surely we are in for some surprises and people picking up the awards that are not so expected? Well we certainly have to hope so due to the fact that if everything is as widely predicted it will be rather boring. So I am going to have my last say on the actresses in a supporting role and pleased to say that I actually enjoyed all five of these films!

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Oscars 2011 – Best Actress in a Supporting Role

One last look at the five actresses up for the supporting role Oscar! I am Team Steinfeld for this one!

Amy Adams as Charlene Fleming in “The Fighter”

Tough talking girlfriend of boxer Mickey who is not afraid to stand up to his mother or sisters. Is very much behind Mickey is his fight to really make it as a boxer. The Academy seem to like Adams who has a few nominations to her name now.

Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth in “The King’s Speech”

A very good solid performance from Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth who is the rock to King George VI and really helps her husband when he becomes King, and must deliver the important speeches at a very difficult time for England.

Melissa Leo as Alice Ward in “The Fighter”

Melissa Leo has been picking awards up left, right and center for her role as Alice Ward in the Fighter. Being the pushy manager and of course mother to Mickey and Dicky. Not taking no for an answer from anyone, including her husband. She has been the front runner for this award from the start.

Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross in “True Grit”

Incredible performance from the 14 year old in such a good film. She owns the film and should never been in the supporting role category after leading the film the way she did. But apparently the studio figured this the best approach! I really do hope that she picks this Oscar up tonight, fantastic performance.

Jacki Weaver as Janine Cody in “Animal Kingdom”

This film has not come out at my cinema yet. Therefore I cannot comment on the performance.