Oscars 2016: Best Actor Winner!

He did it! Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant


By no means his best work but still massively deserved for Leo!

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Oscars 2015 – Best Actor

Now for Best Actor in a Leading Role, once again I have managed to see all of these films and this category certainly does have some very strong performances. Apart from Cooper they are all first time Oscar nominees, which I think is a pretty nice thing really. Showing that new and old talent is being rewarded, two Brits in this category as well which lets face it has been mentioned absolutely loads on UK TV over the past few weeks. I am certainly hoping for an upset in this one in all honesty, I just hope it’s not so nailed on and straight forward.

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Arise Sir Colin Firth?

Rumours are flying around today that Colin Firth is set to be included in the Queen’s birthday honours list in June to be knighted. This is after his Oscar-winning performance in ‘The King’s Speech’ in which he portrays King George VI. He has been an incredible ambassador for the UK throughout his entire career. I would be very happy to see Colin knighted. I guess we just have to wait to find out if there is any truth in the rumours!

Oscars 2011 – Best Actor – Colin Firth

King Firth rightly reigned at the Oscars this year! After being nominated for the second year in a role Colin Firth took home the gold statue. Very deserved, he must have some kind of record with the number of awards he has picked up for his role of King George VI in “The King’s Speech”. Doing the UK proud!

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Oscars 2011 – Best Actor in a Leading Role

One last look at the five men who are up for the best actor in a leading role award. Team Firth!
Javier Bardem as Uxbal in ‘Biutiful’
I have not seen this film, so cannot comment on the performance.

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn in ‘True Grit’

Bridges is just incredible as Cogburn, he really is just incredible. After his win last year, he has followed it up with another nomination. He mumbles and acts drunk brilliantly. Manages to be so likeable at the same time!

Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network’

Exhausting is the word I find best to describe this performance. Eisenberg is brilliant as Zuckerberg who is just way too smart for his own good, and likes to use an incredible amount of words in his general conversations. Must have been very difficult to really nail this character but that was more than achieved.

Colin Firth as King George VI in ‘The King’s Speech’

We keep hearing that it is Firth’s time, well I thought that should have come for his role in ‘A Single Man’ last year! But his performance in this film really is just incredible, we feel sorry for him, we want to help him. All just so incredible!

James Franco as Aron Ralston in ‘127 Hours’

Possibly the most difficult performance from all of the nominee’s considering it is just Franco in the film for about 80% of the time. He really takes us on the journey with him and the emotions to being trapped. Incredible performance, if it wasn’t for Firth I would have thought Franco would be walking away with the Oscar!