The Aftermath (2019) Review


Post World War II in Germany as British colonel Lewis Morgan is assigned to live in Hamburg. His wife Rachael has travelled from England to be with him as he continues his job. Tension with the German Stephen Lubert and his daughter Freda who owned the house as they allowed to stay.

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Brooklyn (2015) Review

Eilis a young Irish girl is given the chance of a better life when her sister Rose arranges for her to move to America, with a job and a place to live sorted out by an Irish Priest.

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The Damned United (2009) Poster

Well I missed the cinema release for this film, which I was rather upset about as been looking forward to this film since reading the book. I came across this newer poster the other day.

So I have just pre-ordered this film from my old faithful website it comes out on 31st August so I therefore do not have long to wait.