Prop Store – one of the world’s leading film and TV memorabilia companies has today announced it is to hold the UK’s largest annual live auction of film and TV memorabilia for the sixth consecutive year this September, with the items on offer expected to fetch in excess of £6 million ($7.5 million). The auction is to be held at London’s BFI IMAX proudly presented by ODEON, Europe’s largest cinema group.

900 rare and iconic lots will be sold during Prop Store’s unique Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction over two days on Monday 30th September and Tuesday 1st October 2019 in Waterloo, London.

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LFCC – Val Kilmer

Ice Man and Batman all rolled into one as Val Kilmer was part of Top Gun and Batman Forever. He has had health battles with throat cancer and rarely makes public appearances. So for him to still attend this London Film & Comic Con event really was a very special occasion.

Other film credits include The Saint, Heat, The Ghost and the Darkness, Red Planet, At First Sight and so many more!


The 7 Batman Films

Batman has always been my favorite superhero/comic book based film series. The older ones and then Nolan’s reboot was exactly what I wanted to see. I cannot really explain where, when and why my love for Batman started but it did and still exists. I still love the older films and bought the DVD box set years ago. Yes I do have a soft spot for Batman Forever and even slightly for Batman & Robin – yes I do realise that people are going to judge me for that but I remember seeing that film at the cinema just before my 10th birthday and let’s face it I probably hadn’t seen anything like that at the time. I know now it is so cheesy and just not in the same league as the other films but I cannot help but remember what it was like watching it for the first time in the cinema, it was exciting. I saw Batman Begins in the cinema on its release and the same with The Dark Knight, which I then saw another two times making that my record of three times for a film at the cinema. The Dark Knight Rises I attended a 5 am screening and will be heading back to the cinema this afternoon for a second viewing. It’s not only Batman that I find myself loving but the villains are always so interesting and brilliant as well. The actors who have been in the films always seem to be spot on with it and create something really special to watch from start to finish.

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Batman 3 – Return of the Riddler?

The third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise really is going to have a massive following and build up after the success of Batman Begins and then The Dark Knight in recreating the Batman series the third installment which is currently slated for a 2012 release, has been creating press since The Dark Knight’s credits rolled. Heath Ledger’s death which occurred before the release of The Dark Knight, the ending which had us wondering The Joker’s fate, yet we knew we would never see the character in that form again. A sad moment for so many reasons, Ledger’s Joker gained an Oscar and so much critical acclaim and was definitely one of performances of the decade if not all time. This has then all raised the very good question of which villain shall be making an appearance in this third film in the series. Apparently the answer to that question is THE RIDDLER.

The Riddler was last seen in Batman Forever portrayed by Jim Carrey, in a fun crazy way. Very light and comic book like, seemed as though he came straight from the pages of the comics these films are based on. I can’t deny that I have always loved Jim Carrey’s Riddler for the age I was when Batman Forever was released and class that film as a very guilty pleasure now. But we have already witness that Nolan’s Batman films aren’t like anything we have ever seen before, they are darker and not going for obvious laughs in a fun way. They are more serious and after what he did with The Joker, we can only begin to imagine how sinister and evil he could make The Riddler.

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