9/11 – 20 Years on

On September 11th 2001, so many people innocently went about their normal morning routine before heading to work on what was a very normal day having no idea the tragedy that was about to come. In New York City a plane hit one of the twin towers and the world watched thinking it was a truly terrible accident until a second plane hit the second tower and it was clear that America was under attack.

As a 14 year old I can still remember coming home from school and seeing the news as the plane hit the pentagon and the fourth was “brought down” we later found out about the heroics of those on board United 93. Going to school the following day in an English lesson we talked about it with newspaper reports, all struggling to understand it.

In all honesty even now twenty years later I still cannot understand this truly tragic and horrendous day, which then turned to weeks, months and years of grief for so many people. The brave emergency service workers doing their duty and not really having any idea what exactly was happening.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself watching so many documentaries about this day and the true amazing moments of human courage to help save others, it really has been an emotional journey to see and hear about more stories from this day.

Forever rest in peace to all those people from around the world who were impacted on that day and still now.

12 Years of Let’s Go To The Movies

Today marks 12 years since starting Let’s Go To The Movies and in that time I have blogged a lot about the films I truly adore and love, although also come across I don’t like and sometimes hate. Isn’t that one of the best things about watching films though? I certainly think so the discussion around films you just got and the ones you just didn’t.

Thanks to everyone for the support over these past 12 years, it has seen Let’s Go To The Movies make a UK Top 10 Film Blog four years in a row, but since been a couple of years now since making that list. I’ve done well though going for this long on just a little hobby right?

1727 Film Reviews

I thought this year I would celebrate with Harry and Sally, one of the greatest film moments of all time, considering it took them 12 years and 3 months to get together and married after their first meeting.

10 Years at the Movies!


February 9th 2009 . . . That was the date I made my first ever blog post and as you can probably tell 10 years later it is still very much all about films! While Let’s Go To The Movies came a little bit later (7th June 2009) in terms of the name my adventure on here started 10 years ago to this date.

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Happy 6 Years???

Yesterday when checking my blog I received the above notification wishing me a Happy Anniversary with WordPress! I was very shocked when it said 6 years as I didn’t think that I’d created my account that long ago. I was under the impression that I created me account not long before I launched Let’s Go To The Movies which was in February 2009. I also thought this was the first blog I ran on WordPress so maybe I had the idea in mind a couple of years before eventually going for it with this blog? I am a little confused in all honesty!

While on this matter I did miss posting my Happy 4 Years to Let’s Go To The Movies back in February so thought I’d just talk a little in this blog post. I have managed to review a lot of films recently (mainly from Netflix and the odd cinema release). Something which I had been slacking in at times during last year. I think as a film blogger you sometimes go through phases where you don’t have the time to write reviews or seem to lose your voice a little. I think sometimes certain films are much harder to review than others, I am sure you can all understand what I mean with that!

I have been aware that I haven’t managed to do any lists recently and decided that the way forward is to find as many blogathon’s as possible and really get involved in some posts which require more thought as well as comparing to fellow bloggers. So if you have or know of any Blogathon’s currently taking place or that will be taking place in the future, please let me know! I am hoping this year I will manage to be creative enough to start my own Blogathon!

Michael Douglas on the mend!!!

Michael Douglas looks as though he has succeeded in his battle with cancer looking much healthier and more like his old self in a family photo taken in Disney World over the past few days. Last week saw Michael and Catherine celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, thus proving a lot of people wrong about their marriage.

Great to see Michael smiling and looking healthy again lets hope his cancer battle is over now! Or at very least he is past the worst of it.