Get Carter (1971) Review

A London gangster named Jack Carter is about t return to his native of Newcastle to investigate the sudden death of his brother in what was supposedly a car accident. He was going to find out what really happened no matter what!


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Cordelia (2019) Review

Cordelia is struggling to live with an incident which happened in her past and is currently living with her twin sister Caroline in a flat in London. When she gets involved with Frank and upstairs neighbour everything would quickly begin to unravel.


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Musical Moments – Les Mis (One Day More)

I am going to see Les Miserables for the second time at the Theatre tonight having seen it in the West End a few years back. I am really looking forward to it as the UK Tour is the new production and will be starting in the West End later this year after the theatre has been refurbished.

One Day More is one of the most incredible songs so I thought for todays musical moment it would be the version from the 10th anniversary concert show!