Day 13: Favorite chick flick

I had to go for one with Julia Roberts in, lets face it she totally owned this genre (and no one has ever come close). Pretty Woman is now seen as such a classic chick flick. Such great chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Funny, charming and has a heart this film and will always be one of my favorites.

Day 12: Favorite love story

Possibly one of the most heartbreaking love stories in movie history, yet I think it’s my favorite. Real love doesn’t always end with the happily ever after, to really prove that he loves Isla, Rick must let her go. But remember they will always have Paris.

It never fails to make me cry when he tells her to go at the airport with her husband, as she has no idea that he had no plan on going with her. It really is so tragic, but such a love story!

Day 9 – favorite musical

This one actually works out tougher than I first thought as it means I have to choose between Chicago and The Sound of Music! Both of which are in my all time favorite film lists! So I am going to cheat and pick both of them as my favorite musical. I just cannot choose between My Favorite Things and All That Jazz. They are both my most watched films, as I have seen them probably hundreds of times each. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but probably not far off for The Sound of Music having watched it over and over from a very young age.

The power of musicals for me make you happy when you are feeling a bit down. The Sound of Music has always been my feel good film, never-failing to make me smile. Chicago is such a sexy musical with some fantastic songs that you cannot help but to sing along too!

Day 7: Favorite animated feature

Nemo is taken away in the big ocean and his dad Marlin must search the entire ocean to get him back. Meeting a fish called Dory with amnesia along the way. But a father’s love for his son sees him going further than anyone would have ever expected. It’s cute, funny and heartwarming throughout and such a fantastic animated film.

Day 6: Favorite horror

I struggle with this genre of films the most, as not a big fan of horror films. Probably debatable if ‘The Sixth Sense’ is more of a horror or a thriller. But for the sake of the 30 Day Movie Challenge it is going to be a horror! Lets face it we all did find it terrifying on the first viewing. It shakes you deep down as you do not realise the big twist coming at the end. We are all scared for the boy as he sees dead people and cannot do anything about it.

Day 5: Favorite action

The Dark Knight is such a fantastic film, it really does have pretty much a bit of everything and is definitely one of my favorites. I even went to see it three times at the cinema! Yes it was really that great on the big screen. The return of the Joker in what was Heath Ledger’s final finished role and no-one could have ever expected him to be so sinister and brilliant. The action in this film is constant and at times does not allow you to take a breath. Such an incredible film!

Day 4: Favorite drama

This has been one of my favorites since I first saw it. Such an emotional journey we are taken on with The Ram as he battles back from a heart attack whilst trying to reconcile with his estranged daughter who actually gives him one last chance. But in the end the only thing that he can relate to is being in the ring and wrestling.

Day 3: Favorite comedy

I always find picking a favorite comedy film the most difficult choice, as comedy preferences tend to change over the years. Depending on the time they were made and when exactly you watch them. I am going to go British and for an older film, with ‘The Full Monty’ I really do find myself laughing at this film on each viewing.