The Big Lebowski (1998) Review


“The Dude” who’s last name is Lebowski is┬ámistaken for a millionaire called Lebowski. This leads to his rug being ruined and on a quest to be compensated for this mistake he enters into a world he never even knew existed.

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Little Voice (1998) Review

Extremely shy LV lives as a recluse and spends nearly all of her time listening to her deceased father’s record collection. On an evening she then sings the songs herself, driving her mother mad (who is horrible to her) but one night when Ray hears her sing, he sees the pound signs and wants her to perform at the club he is involved in!

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Shakespeare in Love (1998) Review

This film carries very high expectations with its Best Picture Oscar win along with Best Actress in a Leading Role and Supporting Role along with four other wins and many more nominations. So it is a difficult film to watch without expecting too much from it!

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Velvet Goldmine (1998) Review

To begin with, I think it is very important to clarify that I am such a massive fan of the glam rock era and love it all. Especially T.Rex/Marc Bolan who was just my favorite, love David Bowie too and kinda think the whole Brian Slade character kinda looked a bit like Bowie. With being such a huge fan of glam rock, when I started watching this movie I was wondering why I had never actually heard of this movie before . . . let along seen it. So thanks again to netflix for allowing me the chance to watch this movie.

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