Highlander (1986) Review

Connor MacLeod currently living in New York City just happens to be an immortal Scottish swordsman. Going by the name Russell Nash he is the owner of an antique shop and when he is challenged to a sword fight this is when he begins to recall his life in the sixteenth century back in Scotland.


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Educating Rita (1983) Review

When twenty seven year old working class hairdresser Rita wants more out of her life she signs up for a literature course through open university and is tutored by Dr. Frank Bryant who is having his own issues with his upper-class life and has become an alcoholic in the process to try and cope with everything. They might have just found each other at the right time.


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All the Right Moves (1983) Review


Stefen Djordjevic is a high school American football player who dreams of nothing more than getting a scholarship to get out of the small town he lives in and avoiding the fate of his father and brothers working in the steel town. A clash with his coach Nickerson could cause his world to come crashing down before it has even begun.


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