Happy Star Wars Day – #MayThe4thBeWithYou

That’s right here we are again on May 4th which is Star Wars Day! May The Fourth Be with you!


LEGO Porgs arrive in London!

Here is your change to own a LEGO Porg, let’s face it they look absolutely fantasic.

Delighting fans nationwide, LEGO® has brought the real heroes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to the capital London for fans of all ages

LEGO brings a group of Porgs – the furry new Star Wars critters that have set the internet alight – to London!
To launch the new chapter in the Star Wars saga, the brick-built sea birds took in the sights of the UK’s capital, including the LEGO store in Leicester Square
LEGO is also offering the public the chance to win their own, incredibly rare LEGO Porg this Christmas season.

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7 Thoughts after watching The Force Awakens again!

After watching the film again I could not help but end up with a few questions or thoughts. I am not really sure some of them can be answered yet, but considering I already have written my review I wanted to think of another way I could get down some thoughts on the throughly enjoyable film to get Star Wars going again. Especially I have pretty much binge watched the other six films since my first Force Awakens viewing, yes really thank you Sky Movies for the Star Wars channel, it’s going to be a sad day when it disappears!


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Star Wars – Darth Vader

Carrying on from the Chewie post . . . This answers your question on the other Star Wars bear I picked up in the two for £30 offer. Although it does work out quite a lot more than that adding the sounds and other accessories. But you will see soon why I had to get something else to go with this one! Again a chance to pick sounds, I opted for two in this one felt that I just had to have not only his heavy breathing but also his theme music. I mean come on it really wouldn’t have been the same without them would it?!?

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Star Wars – Chewie

With my new-found Star Wars love I couldn’t help totally jumping on the bandwagon and then buying some merchandise. The stuff I opted for was from Build-A-Bear, you know where they stuff them right in front of you and you can pick everything about them placing sounds inside and plenty of different outfit choices available which also means the price does very quickly increase! I have seen a few times now that Build-A-Bear has had different bears relating to films, you can still pick up the three minions along with a dragon (How to Train Your Dragon) and now you can get Star Wars “bears” which are more expensive than the others at £27 each!

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