A Castle for Christmas (2021) Review

Sophie is an American author who has caused quite the stir by killing off one of the main characters in her book series, with the scandal this has caused she sees this as the perfect opportunity for a trip to Scotland.


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Tom Holland is Percy Pig!

Apparently in the UK today is the launch of Christmas? So many new Christmas adverts and then coffee shops starting the Christmas drinks and a lovely surprise came from M&S who have for the very first time brought Percy Pig to life. Just for all my non-UK based readers, Percy Pig is actually jelly sweets although now has a massive range of many different products!

So is this really spider-pig?

M&S is my absolute favourite place the food hall is amazing and the food is top quality!

The Best Film Related Christmas Jumpers!

Over the past few years I have found myself buying a new Christmas jumper, mainly for Christmas Day each year and have gone for film related ones in recent times. Although rather disappointing when hardly anyone actually knew that my Golden Girls jumper was in fact the Golden Girls. You can get some outstanding ones now which is why I decided to put together this blog post to highlight just how amazing some of the Christmas jumpers are and they appeal to pretty much every single fandom! Whatever you love the most you are guaranteed to find a jumper for that somewhere!

You can get a lot that are in sweatshirt style but I still personally prefer the proper trashy jumper style and when you add in film they really do have some great levels of detail on them.

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