PLAYMOBIL: The Movie Sets Review

With the release of PLAYMOBIL: The Movie I was sent some of the sets that feature in the film. Take a look at my previous post Let’s get epic with PLAYMOBIL: The Movie! As this has details about all of the sets that are available.


Being asked to review toys is certainly something different and I felt for a better reception to it would be for a child to join in with the review! Therefore I asked my cousin if his daughter would like to try them out! So we also have Pippa aged 5 who already has some PLAYMOBIL sets and straight away knew how to put them together.


I was very kindly sent three different sets:

  • Rex Dasher with Parachute (5 pieces)
  • Robotitron with Drone (18 pieces)
  • Del’s Food Truck (110 pieces)

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Let’s get epic with PLAYMOBIL: The Movie!

Ready to discover a world where anything can happen? The PLAYMOBIL universe is coming to the big screen in PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE – don’t miss it in UK cinemas from August 9. Bring the action of the movie home with the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie playsets and recreate iconic scenes with favourite characters or imagine new adventures!
Secret agent Rex Dasher is always on the move at high speed in his sleek white Porsche Mission E. This can only be an advantage when looking for Marla’s little brother Charlie. The eco-friendly Rex Dasher’s Porsche Mission E (RRP £69.99) playset features LED headlights, can seat up to two PLAYMOBIL figures and comes with an RC module for remote control action.
Del, a crazed food truck driver, helps Marla find her way in the exciting PLAYMOBIL worlds. Del’s Food Truck (RRP £44.99) features a removable roof and windshield for easy access to the detailed interior. The truck is furnished with a sink, fridge, burritos, sleeping serum, enchanted hay and many other accessories.

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A look back at 2009 in film!

Having already mentioned what a huge year 2009 is for Let’s Go To The Movies, formed in the February to be exact. That was therefore a massive year in terms of reviews for 2009 films, catching as many as I possibly could at the cinema and then reviewing them. Something I have grown to love over the past decade!


I don’t feel as though this was really an outstanding decade in terms of films and/or performances but we certainly were given plenty of entertainment. The 3D film was pushed a lot and in a few different ways which is something that Avatar really was groundbreaking with, however after ten years maybe that film was more of a gimmick than actually an amazing film? I certainly think so.

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