Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Review

Abandoned by her family Kya Clark raised herself in the marshlands of the south and is known to the townspeople of Barkley Cove as the Marsh Girl. When a town hotshot Chase Andrews is found dead she becomes the prime suspect in the murder case.


Kya Clark had the worst possible start in life with an abusive father who drove away not only her mother, but then also her three siblings who all left one by one. Something that is rather difficult to get your head around, as why on earth would you leave the youngest member of the family with such a horrible man? That was an aspect I really struggled to come to terms with and understand in all honesty as you would just hope that wouldn’t happen. She managed to survive being with just Pa and that was mainly because she hid away from him at times to keep herself safe.

Mabel and Jumping’ would become two people that she would rely on and collected mussels to sell to them in order to survive. One day she had tried to go into town and attend school, but having no shoes, looking dirty and already having the nickname of Marsh Girl that was the one and only day she ever attended. A young boy named Tate was the only person ever to show her any nice attention when out on the marshes in their boats. This was something as they got a little bit older would be an incredible relationship and possible hope for Kya that she would not always be alone.

Tate taught her how to read and write, something that she never had anyone to show her, this allowed her to start writing information to go along with her amazing art work for different shells, animals that were around the marsh. He then tried to convince her that what she had been working on was so good that it could all be made into a book or multiple books. Lacking confidence though this was something she didn’t really think was going to be possible.

Her reluctance to leave was always going to be difficult especially when Tate was ready to go to college and that meant that he was going to have to move away from the small town. Promising that he was going to come back by a certain date was always going to be something that we knew instantly wasn’t going to happen. The thing is though with all of this going on it was actually told in flashback form during the murder trial. I was left wondering how and why Chase Andrews was going to show up and still now I cannot understand why he was even interested in Kya, I certainly did not see a relationship between the pair forming at all it just did’t make any sense.

Given that the film is based on a novel I have sense spoke to a friend who has read it and said it is so much better than the film. I guess that makes sense as I felt so many plot holes within the film that it therefore just did not make much sense at all. I didn’t have any idea what it was about before going to see it either and quite frankly it just wasn’t for me as I found it was rather dull and boring throughout. The ending wasn’t really what I was expecting and by the reaction in the screen I was in at the cinema it wasn’t for others either.

Performance wise Daisy Edgar-Jones was ok in the leading role, nothing spectacular but I guess that was kinda the character she was playing anyway? I actually enjoyed the supporting performances from David Strathairn, Michael Hyatt and Sterling Macer Jr the most.

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