DC League of Super-Pets (2022) Review

Krypto is the Super-Dog who belongs to Superman and they fight crime together in Metropolis and everything feels good but when a group of pets in a shelter suddenly get super powers they must band together against the evil Lulu.


Super-Pets certainly takes on a slightly different approach to the whole superhero world that we have grown used to in recent years and shows everything from a different perspective. We are given this through Krypto who loves his best friend Superman and is very intimated when Lois Lane comes into his life, the jealously sees him not paying attention when he is needed the most and this sees Superman along with the other members of the Justice League to be captured.

The mastermind behind the evil taking place? None other than Lulu a hairless guinea pig who had been a test animal in a lab with Lex Luther. Naturally she was obsessed with pleasing him and wanted to destroy Superman to get his attention. The thing is though for both parts of the humans cannot actually hear the animals speak and when we as viewers hear them talk to the humans in the film they make animal noises. Damn that sounds so much more complicated and strange than it actually is.

It really is a film that is geared a lot more towards children and that is perfectly fine, I took a 7 and 11 year old to see the film and they really enjoyed it! Giving it between 4 and 4.5 starts, so quite frankly that is probably more important than anything I have put in this whole review.

For myself I thought that it was decent, with some rather amusing moments and quite frankly I don’t think I ever expected to see an evil guinea pig take control of a film’s storyline so there’s also that! Naturally anything with Dwayne Johnson in, even just that voice is going to be entertaining and engaging enough to watch.

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