Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022) Review

Based on a very true story about Jerry and Marge Selbee who keep winning the lottery after Jerry figures out a loop hole in the system after using Maths to work it all out, seeing this as a chance to enjoy retirement and help out friends and family in their small town.


After he retires from the job he had been in for many years Jerry was a little bit down about what he was going to do in his twilight years and needed something to keep him going. When he comes across the lottery he realises that its not against the rules and that some simple maths means that you should win a lot more than you put on if you go rather big in the tickets that you buy.

To begin with he keeps this from his wife Marge as he is a little bit embarrassed to be playing the lottery, even turning the TV off when he is waiting for the numbers. As he begins to win more he lets her in the on the act and they become a double team, in having to then travel out of state to print tickets for days on end but then going through the many pieces of paper to check the numbers as well.

A group is formed which included family members, friends and people from their small town who they feel need some extra money and help with different things. This is where it really does make you feel rather good in all honesty as they are doing it to actually help people and themselves to have a comfortable time which is very nice!

Surely if Jerry could figure out the maths then so would others and another group appears with Harvard students and a rather egocentric young man named Tyler who came up with the idea and then has other students “working” for him, even filling out each of the slips with different number combinations. He even reaches the point of threatening the Selbee’s!

It was lovely to be able to just watch this film on Paramount+ and having Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening in the leading roles was the biggest pulling point for me, as let’s face it both are fantastic actors and I just love watching them both! Cranston always manages to have such a charm and even when playing a character who lacks confidence he still comes across so well. Bening is just wonderful isn’t she and that is no different in this role. The chemistry between the pair means we fully believe and get on board with them being married for many decades as it just feels so lovely and nice!

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