Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Review

When Gorr the God Butcher attacks different worlds and plans to make all gods extinct, it is up to Thor to fight against him and assemble a team that can do it which includes Valkyrie, Korg and his ex-girlfriend Dr Jane Foster.


Thor has had a difficult time and attempting to find himself with the Guardians of the Galaxy was never really going to work out in the best way. This was something we quickly see at the start of this film, going his separate ways in order to help out his friends and push forward with his own meaning of life. When his path will cross again with Jane Foster it would bring up a lot of feelings for them both.

The issue though for Jane is that she is trying to hide a big secret that she is dying with stage 4 cancer, which certainly hits very hard in different scenes. Something that she was not expecting was that the magical hammer Mjolnir would call to her and she would actually become the Mighty Thor. I mean this is so great and kick ass, right? Of course it is, also to see Thor’s reaction was pretty good as well.

Throw in an uninterested Zeus which probably was the funniest scene as not what you expected at all, given the fact that Thor built him up as his hero made it a rather good moment. I have to admit as well that a particular scene almost made me cry though, and it involved Thor eventually coming to terms with how he was feeling!

The Thor standalone films have all been rather different and scale across the ratings for Marvel films, I adored Ragnarok and this was always going to be a tough one to follow up. We get Guns N Roses for the music throughout and that was a particular highlight in the sense that it mixed so well with the different moments and the thunder/lightening within the fight scenes. However, for me the jokes wore rather thin and even the goats making the most ridiculous noises was funny the first time and then not so much after that.

I do find it quite difficult to put my finger on what I felt this was missing as Christian Bale joining the cast as Gorr was pretty impressive, I didn’t even instantly realise it was him in the opening scene! That character though was pretty creepy and could have been taken to another level really which was a shame. Russell Crowe was probably the scene stealer and the holding of the skirt and little skip will probably live rent free in my head for quite a while! Natalie Portman was brilliant and fully deserved to be given that power and the moments, I also loved the offence moment of being called Lady Thor, Mighty Thor or Dr Jane Foster! (and rightly so). We are fully aware of what we are getting with Chris Hemsworth as Thor and he has been a joy to watch in that role, but will we really get much more from him at this point where else can the character go?

One thought on “Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Review

  1. I liked the film. Yeah, it’s not a perfect film but I had a lot of fun watching it. Russell Crowe killed me. I really think he should do more comedies. With that horrendous accent and the way he walked in that skirt, I was laughing my ass off. Yet, I did enjoy that character and its importance as it does play into that idea of false idol worship as Zeus was a dick. I wonder if Odin ever met Zeus and thought “what an arsehole”. Loki would’ve seen him and said “father was right, he was an arsehole”. It added some legitimacy into why Gorr had to kill the gods.

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