The Valet (2022) Review

Movie star Olivia Allan must get the help of parking valet Antonio Flores to pose as her boyfriend in an attempt to cover up her relationship with married Vincent Royce.


Everything about The Valet screams stereotypical rom-com and even the trailer when it was first released on Netflix and on the welcome screen in a way to entice you to watch it. However, it is actually a little bit of a surprise package!

Olivia Allan is having an affair with the very rich Vincent Royce, and when his wife Kathryn gets onto that her husband is cheating on her she will stop at nothing to get the proof she needs. In an attempt to not be involved Olivia ends up bringing poor Antonio Flores into this whacky situation. As a private investigator is also involved.

I fully realise that all of that probably doesn’t paint a very good overview of the plot and it sounds pretty poor, but the fact that Antonio is pretty much the nicest man really makes such an impact on everything within the film. Showing the lonely life of a movie start in Olivia and how she actually grows and learns from Antonio.

He is currently separated from his wife and it looks as though divorce is going to be the only outcome, he quickly finds out that sometimes people will want what they think they can’t have, especially when she thinks he is actually still with a movie star! It really does create some interesting things to think about in that sense and moves away from just the standard rom-com and it being so predictable.

Probably a positive for Netflix with it being a original and that it was actually much better than I was even expecting. I am going to attribute a lot of that to Eugenio Derbez and Samara Weaving who both worked fantastic not only together but in scenes alone as well. Weaving really has been taking the acting world by storm in the past few years and I have throughly enjoyed that ride of her career so far. Derbez offers so much of a nice guy but who is struggling mentally to come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage and what he is actually to do next.

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